Pickleball - Fun From Day One! Welcome to Foothills Pickleball!
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USA Pickleball Ambassador
Welcome to the incredible pickleball family of Catawba County, located in the beautiful Foothills of North Carolina. Our enjoyment of the game of pickleball is only matched by our enjoyment of spending time on the courts with each other.

Over the past year the number of pickleball players in our area has increased by well over 150%. Luckily our county, and the City of Hickory, are doing their best to try and keep up with this rapid growth by creating new courts and adding amenities to our current courts. Currently we have 23 outdoor public, pickleball only, courts spaced throughout our county so that courts are close by wherever you are. We also have a recreation center that has four indoor pickleball courts. While Iím lucky enough to have the title of USA Pickleball Ambassador for our county where part of my duties include "sharing the good news" about a game with a silly name, it is without a doubt the quality of the people in our pickleball community that brings new players to the sport and assures they enjoy every moment on the court. I do not believe you will find a more welcoming community of pickleball players anywhere!

This website was created to bring you all the important pickleball information for our area regarding places to play, how to find out when people are playing, players in our pickleball community, pickleball happenings in our area, who to get in touch with if you need more information, and basically to share our love of pickleball. So, whether youíre a veteran of the sport, brand new to the sport, just looking for a place to play, or looking for a pickleball family to be a part of, we are confident you find what you are looking for here.

B. Benjamin Bishop
USA Pickleball Ambassador
Catawba County, NC