Avoid Oversharing!

Scene: Someone asks you,

"Where can I find folks to play pickleball with?"

"Where is everyone playing?"

"Are they playing tomorrow?"

"What time do they usually play?"

"Where are all the courts located?"

These questions and more have been popping up frequently during casual conversations due to the ever-increasing popularity of pickleball. And although we might answer their questions as best as we can, the amount of information we're trying to pass on can sometimes be very dizzying to most and therefore a lot of what you've tried to share is forgotten. So, instead of "oversharing" too much information, why not give them a shorter answer and simply suggest that they go to FoothillsPickleball.com? In a way, it's like using the website as an electronic business card...it takes the burden off of you to share everything you know and the person asking won't need a pen and paper or phone to take notes! Just tell them, "Remember: FoothillsPickleball.com."

Paddle Up!
And have a smilin' kind of day!